Brackenburn Brackettes 
As featured on BBC’s COUNTRYFILE are the newest addition to our stock range, made in Somerset, and purely from bracken these give off a heat that is hotter than Oak. It is a 100% natural product and sustainable! Supplied in 10kg bags.

Olive Briquettes
Are made from a sustainable olive waste product, the olive waste is crushed and mixed with charcoal on an 80-20% split. They burn 40% hotter and last twice as long as kiln dried wood. suitable for Open Fires, Wood Burners, Multi-Fuel Stoves & Chimeneas. A top all round product. Supplied in 10kg bags.

Homefire Ecoal50 
Is a unique low smoke and low CO2 coal, high performance product. Ecoal50 is HETAS approved smokeless coal. Suitable for Open Fires and Multi-fuel Stoves. Packed in 20kg bags.

Homefire Heat Logs
Are made from 100% waste wood, from waste to fuel, they are clean to store with no additives or chemicals. They are a 100% recycled product. Supplied in packs of 12.