Traditional House Coal.
Sometimes what you grew up with sticks with you throughout life, one of our top sellers. Supplied in 10kg and 20kg bags, suitable for use in Open Fires. Mined in the UK too! RRP £6.50

Brazier Multi-Purpose Smokeless Coal.
Brazier is a clean burning smokeless fuel, it is also HETAS approved, supplied in 10kg and 20kg bags, suitable for Open Fires and Multi-Fuel Stoves. Made in the UK.


Taybrite Multi-Purpose Economy Smokeless Fuel.
Taybrite is an economy smokeless fuel, which burns efficiently and can be banked up overnight supplied in 20kg bags, suitable for Room Heaters, Boilers and Multi-Fuel Stoves. Made in the UK.

Firelite Union Briketts.
These union briketts are made from Lignite and are formed into 3″ briketts, they give off a lovely flame and a great heat too, dispersing 80% less harmful sulphurs into the atmosphere, suitable for Multi-Fuel Stoves, Cookers, Open Fires and Chimeneas. Supplied in 20kg bags.

This offers you a high performance alternative to Traditional House Coal, it has an attractive flame and a consistent heat output. supplied in 20kg bags. Suitable for Open Fires. Made in the UK.

Anthracite Small Nuts.
A naturally occurring smokeless, very reliable product, ideal for use in Closed Appliances, it burns with a very low flame and has very little ash. It is a HETAS approved smokeless fuel, supplied in 25kg bags. Mined in the UK.